Project Autimates

Project Autimates

What is Autimates?

Autimates is a lifelong project of Autism Awareness. Its main goal is to spread accurate and relevant information about the Autism Spectrum across the world.

Autimates is also about inspiration. Reaching out to people with autism, their families and friends. Our intention is to reprogram the idea of autism as a disability; instead, we intend to change it into an asset. Modifying the negative connotation people associate with autism, into a positive one.


What does Autimates do?

Project Autimates is active in all countries. It is a non-profit, 100% existent of voluntary work of autism-friendly workers, donating their time and energy for the love of autism.

Autimates is a pioneer project. There is no money involved whatsoever. We finance our own sub-projects:

– lectures on all aspects of autism spectrum disorders;

– (online)coaching to people with autism and their parents;

– bimestrial meetings for parents of children with autism;

– articles related to autism spectrum disorders.

Who is behind Autimates?

Fa-Project Autimates

Autimates is a concept designed by Fatima de Kwant, life coach inspirator, Autism Advocate, Social Communications expert, journalist and mother of a teenage son with autismFatima was born 1961, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she lived until 1985. In April of that year, she moved to The Netherlands where she started her family of three children. In 1999, her youngest son was diagnosed with severe autism and a mild form of mental retardation. Fatima set her promising career aside to fully support her son. In 2011, after more than a decade of intensive work, her son was re-diagnosed as mild autistic with a normal intelligence. He graduated from high-school in 2014 with the highest report of his class year.

The amazing progress of her son motivated Fatima to inspire other parents, telling them that everything is possible. The awesome process De Kwant family went through, have been inspiring hundreds of people who get to know their successful story.

Fatima’s interest in autism went further than her own experience. She attended courses and workshops – in the Netherlands and outside – in order to specialize in the syndrome.

Currently, Fatima writes articles on all aspects of autism gathering followers around the globe. She describes herself as an “Autism Pacifist”, believing that one can only overcome prejudice with information.

Fatima de Kwant wishes that people she helps now will be able to help others in the future, turning Project Autimates into a pay-it-forward project of solidarity and love for autism.

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